Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Battle of Kolin

Steve M organised a big bash for our New Year game at the Polly..a refight of the Battle of Kolin, using his own cast and painted traditional semi-flat Seven Years War figures as described over on his blog.. today the Prussians were commanded by Greg, Trev and Rich, whilst Quint and myself took the Austrians, assisted by the Austrian umpire (Steve).. we were using 'King of the Battlefield' rules, with which most of us were fairly unfamiliar.. we were assured that they were fast and bloody.. as it turned out, a lot more saving of hits than is apparently the norm took place.

I won't go into too much detail as I'm knackered (!) , but it was a great game, lots of fun and always a pleasure to take part in a big one like this... just wanted to get some pictures up.

Steve took lots with his camera, so hopefully he'll have them posted soon. As ever I was using my phone, so not so great pictures, but hopefully capture a feel of it here..

Not sure who won.. that was down to classic wargamers debate in the end, as the Prussians were still pushing on the ridge, but the Austrians still had a large uncommitted reserve. I suspect that Frederick's actual defeat may have been repeated had we played on to the evening!

Greg and Trev decide on tactics, much to Quint's amusement

The huge cavalry melee on the Prussian left about to start

And the ArchDuke is still tickled..

The Austrian centre

Austrian cavalry feeling rather misplaced

French, er Austrian, er Spanish... our side anyway!

The Austrian left flank brace for successive cavalry charges

Austrian right, reserves moving up

Prussians put pressure on the ridge, but are challenged by Cuirassiers

The Prussian centre

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  1. Martin

    Glad you enjoyed the game - you need to build an army......... There's nothing like the smell of molten lead in the kitchen.