Saturday, 19 July 2014

Plus-size plastic plume problem

Much as I like the look of these Agema Romans.. and am loving the notion of playing with a Roman army again, but in 'proper' size.. I have my naggy fears about plastics. (In general.. not just Agema)

That is - the danger of breakage. Overall they are pretty robust, particularly on the unit bases.. you can be careful to position figures without protruding spears etc.. however, the sticky out bits are always at risk.

My fear with these particular figures is firstly the Triarii spears. One could replace them with brass or similar.. but to be honest, I want to make and paint these figure and get playing, not get too involved in a modelling project.. I have my trains stuff for that. 

The other is the gorgeous great big feather plumes on the helmets. Essential 'Republican Roman' adornment.

I was moving the units around in their storage box this morning when I spotted exactly that - one of the Principes had lost his plumage!

So - thoughts of green stuff, pins and wire were put to one side for now.. try the easy fix first. In the box thankfully there are lots of spare heads I selected one of the more fancy ones with more of a surface for fixing to the helmet - a quick snip.. bit of filing, gluing and repainting and hopefully he's back to his former glory!

Finally just a shot of the unit in which our newly repaired chappie lives..

Agema metal command figures

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yer actual Toy Soldiers!

The Romans are coming along nicely. well into the second legion now and hopefully I can get them done just in time for Victrix new Latin allies to be released!

I fancied a change today though..

Although I have long admired the wonderful Toy Town soldiers and various other unique and fanciful offerings from Eureka, I was a little put off by the prices to get anything underway. However a chance ebay purchase snaffled me a small force of these for a rock bottom price..they have been a drawer waiting to be painted for a little while now.

Today I thought I'd paint up a couple as 'test' figures, work out what colours to use etc. The uniforms are vaguely Danish 1848ish.. but ultimately these are Toy Town and not historical! 

Once they are dry, I am going to give them a good gloss varnish, hopefully can get them looking bright and shiny! (Which goes against every toy soldier painting bone in my body!

I have done an infantryman (white plume), and artillery gunner, and a lancer (have a few of these, and will be replacing the bendy whitemetal lances with something suitable and homemade)..

Although listed under '28mm' figures.. they stand around 35mm base to eye.. the lancer measured from wheelbase (!) to top of his plume is 65mm high.. so they are fairly substantial.