Saturday, 19 December 2015

Albamorious ventures into the frozen city.. Frostgrave action!

On Tuesday James made a trip over to the Polly and we had a very enjoyable game of Frostgrave. Only my second go at it after the recent club night, and I was bringing a Level 0 warband.. Albamorious the Sigilist, up against his rather more experienced level 8 warband based on 'Slaine'. (Witch)

James was very chivalrous and didn't completely wipe out my band, although I suspect that would have been quite possible.. perhaps only the odd natural 20 would have made a difference. As it was, my warband had a good blooding and got away with a couple of treasures.

Helga bravely hiding in the shadows


I do enjoy games that give you a narrative, and Frostgrave does deliver that.. in our game highlights included a Ranger being irritated by 'Furious Quill' for a turn, then shaking it off and placing an arrow between the eyes of Ulfric, the apprentice who had cast it! Around the ranger, James' bear was swatting off zombies and our foot soldiers were laying into each other.

Demon hot on the chase!
The highlight story of the game involved a demon that James' apprentice had released, chasing down one of my child thieves who was perched on a pillar with a treasure. Albamorious cast a 'wall' spell to delay it's progress, the boy managed to jump into an adjacent window, with the demon hot on his heels.. Albamorious cast another wall directly infront of the demon, and as it turned on him, tickled it with another Furious Quill before dispatching it with a blow from his staff! (The child, meanwhile, got away with his treasure). 

Stay back!

Great fun. 

Albamorious finally stops the demon
Unfortunately my phone pictures aren't great. Really must remember to take my camera to the club!

On a side note.. elsewhere in the room.. haven't seen one of these used for a while. (obviously just for deployment - they did talk to each other!)

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