Friday, 25 April 2014

Agema Republican Romans

I went to Salute expecting to spend loads of cash on new toys. Actually, the only toys I came home with were the ones I had pre-ordered from Agema.. their brand new Republican Legion figures..
I've been looking forward to seeing 28mm Republican Romans in plastic for ages.. I had built up 15mm DBM Roman and Carthaginian armies years ago and always quite liked the idea of seeing these armies in the larger scale.

Victrix Romans are due in June, and will be interesting to see how they look alongside the Agema range.

Anyway - I won't do a review as such, just to say that I like these. In the box you get 40 figures, enough to make up 16 Hastatii, 16 Princeps and 8 Triarii. I also picked up a box of 16 Velites as part of their launch deal. If I use Hail Caesar rules (which I will probably), this will give me 5 small 8 figure units, plus the skirmishers. I've stuck together most of the figures, which didn't really present any problems. I'm not convinced about the longevity of the Triarii spears.. but more on that later perhaps. 

So, onto a bit of painting..

Here are 8 Hastatii.. I've done half with Pila and half with swords drawn. The 80 x 40 mm base is tiny and I have my reservations about for now I'm just going to tack them down, until I'm happy with the unit base sizes.

I had intended to have the pilum throwers in the rear rank, but found that this way round all the figures fit better on the unit base.

Colours - I've gone for a fairly drab buff for the tunics, and brown plumes.. and then for contrast, a classic Roman red for the shields. I did consider other colours, but somehow, this seems like the right choice for the first unit. (I'll keep this for the first legion, and go for a more varied look for the second Allied legion, or 'Ala' ?) 

All just carefully block painted and then given a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone 'ink'. I may yet pick out some highlights to freshen up the look of them, but I'm aiming for quite a 'businesslike' look for these guys, so want to keep it muted.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Keren 1941 game at Salute 2014

Some time ago James Morris and Scrivs asked me to join the team putting on the ambitious display game depicting the Battle of Keren 1941.. This game will be appearing at a few more shows, but yesterday it had it's debut at Salute in London.

The preperation for this has been huge. James had put together a fascinating and visually stunning game which is also an engineering work to be admired. I was delighted to play a small part in the proceedings.

As well as showing up and helping to play/present the game, I was happy to have contributed something towards the physical element too. I had painted up a box of Perrys 8th Army which represented the West Yorkshiremen on the day. I also had the modelling challenge of representing the 'Broadcasting House'.

For a brief explanation of this interesting little piece of real estate.. see the Pathe News story here (around 5.15) 

TomScrivs and Steve are all regular bloggers who are on the team and took lots of pictures.. so please visit their sites for more .

A couple of pictures of the hut..

and the specially adapted infantrymen running out another speaker..

And a few of the game on the day..
James Morris overseeing his mountain

Broadcasting House in situ

Tom's impressive Booms!

The Wellesley bomber, drew a lot of attention

My Yorkshiremen, ready to start climbing

The impressive slope seen from below

Near the top

James Woodward considers the Italian options

The display table was well received

An overview.. for much of the day you couldn't this clear view for the crowds gathered around it

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Finished off the Puma for the German Bolt Action force this evening.

This is the resin and whitemetal Warlord  kit. I might add a little camo netting or shrubbery but for now it's ready to roll.. I know the pedants may criticise the camo or markings, as I am no expert, but it struck me how much variation there seemed to be when I was looking for source pictures.

It actually had it's first outing in a game against Scrivs on Tuesday, in a half painted state. The crew were clearly unimpressed with their ride and rolled 1's all night. Hopefully now they will be inspired to greater deeds. 

(I only got some slightly crap phone pics so not sure if they are worth posting)

We generally play with around 800 points and usually there isn't any armour on the table, however, I thought I'd try swapping my Artillery Foo (very expensive!) and mortar team for the Puma. Too early to say if it's a wise option. Anyway - I like it :-)