Saturday, 27 December 2014

Seasonal diversion

Seems that most years around this time I have a couple of solo games. There are one or two game days being organised at the local 'club' but family commitments and a wedding means that I'll miss out on most of that. 

My attention span for solo gaming is not what it was, and I thought I'd have a go at the 'Song of Blades and Heroes' rules that I'd ordered fairly recently. (Tom has posted one or two reports that looked like fun).

My first thought was that I had got shot of what fantasy figures I had years ago (probably quite collectible 'OOP' stuff now!) and although I could of course use Vikings and my WIP medievals.. I thought it would be much more fun to print out some free 'paper' figures from the tinternet.. so after an hour or so last night playing with prittstick and scissors, I had two small (around 220 points) warbands to try the game out.. After a brief distraction to clear the drive after the first big snowfall of the year, I gave the rules a go this afternoon.

A patrol of city guard, led by the gruff Captain Griff, encountered a band of stinky Kobolds in the hills above the town.. Griff wasted no time in ploughing forward, calling his men to to join him and with his first blow exacted a glorious 'Gruesome' death on the Kobold leader!

The shock of seeing their pack leader being disassembled sent many of the kobolds scattering, but as their shaman cast a 'transfix' spell on Griff, freezing him in his angry tracks, they managed to regain their composure, putting up a brief scrap, killing one of the guards, who had rushed to protect their Captain, before their own losses eventually proved too much and they skulked back off into the hills.

Quite an enjoyable little ruleset, has the feel of a 'toolkit' almost, that you can tailor to suit the game that you want to play. Although I'm not a big fantasy fan as such, I've also seen the newish Reaper Bones figures which look quite affordable and you never know, fielding a Unicorn might even persuade my daughter to roll some dice!