Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lion Rampant Retinue progress

Nothing like a deadline... 

Quint is arranging a Lion Rampant day at the club soon. Having bought the rules at Partizan, I had yet to build and paint my retinue from the boxes of Fireforge Sergeants that I had bought at the same time. One of the stipulations of the tournament day is that players use armies from pages 59 - 60 in the rules. At first I couldn't figure out a way to do that from the figures that I had, but then I realised that with a little swapping and chopping about I actually could field a 'German' retinue as per the list - brilliant!

With this renewed inspiration, the deadline for the game day, and the knowledge that I am due to attend a pretty intensive training course next week (ie no painting time), I have recently cracked on with my force. 

The one thing sadly lacking so far is the heraldry. I am assured by Richard at Battleflag transfers that a set for my own surname is pending, so I can't let that opportunity pass by!! So hopefully my retinue will be carrying something like this..

There is a 'theme' of black and white running through the units (with red as a highlight colour here and there) which I think should go well with the shield design and give the retinue a consistent look.

So, the force will consist of;

(Not finished) Mounted Men at Arms. I will be using the Fireforge mounted serjeants. Although they are on undecorated horses, I think they will look sufficiently 'heavy' to pull this off. I will be painting each of the six knights in his own colours, one of whom is my leader.

One unit of Mounted Serjeants with crossbows.

One unit of Crossbowmen with Pavises. I added some shields planted in the ground to half of the unit, which I hope will serve as a visual indicator for the pavises..

Two units of Foot Serjeants.. As I made up half of these with hand weapons, rather than spears, I will mix them up so that it is clear that they are spear armed..