Saturday, 5 March 2016

Miss the Kidd! WW2 Pacific Participation game at Hammerhead

Never been to Hammerhead before.. But when Quint asked if I fancied 'Helping' with his fun 'Miss the Kidd' game, I was more than happy to come along.

Hammerhead is all participation, getting punters to play lots of games - so lots of ingenuity on show.. nobody wants to spend 3 hours looking up charts in this environment.

Our games hosted 2 to 5 players mostly - they took the part of AA gunners on the Kidd, trying to stop waves of Japanese planes  - players plotted their fire by placing flak markers on the table, predicting a hex and height band before we moved the flights randomly. Most games lasted about 15 minutes and as well as trying to stop the Japanese planes, the players were in competition with each other to score the most hits.

Pleased to say that most of the winners were youngsters - I'd say under 10 years old, and were very happy, not only with winning, but the badges that Quint had made up as prizes too!

I didn't get any good pictures of the game in full flow, as I was busy pushing planes around.. but a random selection, and a few random ones from around the floor too..

(PS strangest thing, the only thing I bought all day was two cups of tea! A good thing, but a little boring!)

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