Saturday, 14 December 2013

It's Santaaaaa!!! (Hordes of the Things Christmas armies)

Here's something different. I made these two HOTT armies a couple of years ago. Never really finished the bases and they never got played with either. Some train of thought reminded me that I still had them in a drawer and seeing as it's nearly Christmas, seemed like a good time to fetch them out.

The figures are all made out of FIMO and painted.. they are a little brittle but look nice and bright and fun I reckon. On 40mm bases but I don't know what scale they are!

For HOTT players, the armies are both 24 Army Points:


Santa  - Magician General @ 4AP
Rudolph  - Hero @ 4AP
Elves  - Warband @ 2AP (x3)
Carol Singers  - Shooters @2AP
Christmas Tree - Artillery @3AP
Reindeer  - Flyers @2 AP (2)
Little Pink Fairy  - Lurker @1AP

Jack Frost

Jack Frost  - Magician General @4AP
Snowmen  - Spears @ 2AP (x2)
Snowballing kids  - Shooters @ 2AP (x2)
Trees and Giant Snowballs - Hordes @1AP (x6)
Gingerbread Man  - Sneaker @3AP
Ninja Snowman  - Sneaker @3AP

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Perry Desert Rats Ready!

Well, these didn't take as long as I thought they would. I didn't entirely stick to the plan.. had a bit of a crisis with the flesh colours half way through but pushed through the 'wall' with the belief that they would turn out alright in the end.

Something I learned from railway modelling actually, when building a layout or diorama, there's often a moment where it all looks to have gone wrong and it's so tempting to bin it all and start again. Leaving it for a day or two and then cracking on, trusting in your methods, will often get you through. (Not always!)

Anyway.. one diversion from the plan was to try using the Strong Tone ink rather than the dip. Much more subtle, but clearly without the varnish properties. I also brushed on the Army Painter Matt varnish. I was worried I might get some clouding, but they seemed to have turned out alright.

Right, cruel close up photos.. I prefer to view my figures at arms length on the table!