Sunday, 7 September 2014

Partizan 2 and more

Despite not having updated the blog for ages.. I have been fairly productive.. the Romans are coming along nicely.. more pics up soon. I have ordered some Italian Allied legion from Victrix, so eagerly anticipating their arrival.

This weekend has been all about wargames. Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Simon Miller and Scrivs at the Polly for a splendid Romans vs Britons game. (In the morning I was able to be there for the start of the Chain of Command Spanish Civil War game that Scrivs describes on his blog.
We played a 'small' game (!) on a 12 foot table. I commanded the Romans, trying to rescue one of Caesar's legions who had been caught by some rather corn-possessive Britons as they escorted their baggage from a foraging sortie. Caesar was commanding the relief column which had to arrive and travel across the 12 ft to affect a rescue. (some video on Simon's blog)

We played Simon's own rules - due to be published soon. They use playing cards and a grid system - no dice, and no tape measures.. they proved to be great fun. Simon was using his rules again today to put on the huge Pydna game at Partizan.

Today was Partizan. Arriving a little too late (although still early) to help out Simon or Scrivs with setting up their games, I played through two very enjoyable games of Black Powder AWI with Steve Jones (the author of the recent Rebellion supplement  - which I cannot recommend highly enough). Both games involved me watching over the rebels being properly rolled over by British bayonet charges - firstly led by James Morris (lately of Keren fame), and then by Matt
Scrivs explaining the finer points of CoC to Simon

Our little Roman game at the Polly

Simon setting up Pydna at Kelham prior to opening

Hobkirk's Hill just before the British and Loyalists routed the rebels

Pydna in full swing

A view of the big hall at Kelham from above. 

James Morris and Scrivs considering whether to have another olive or spanish omelette from the Tapas!

Pictures on my phone in the infamous Partizan gloom, so apologies for quality.

All great fun and a privilege to be able to play with Steve's truly gorgeous terrain and figures.

Still managed to do a little shopping. By chance I spotted 'Lion Rampant' and once that was bought of course I needed to get some medieval figures too, so a couple of boxes of Fireforge minis were snapped up. Also some generals from 1st Corps for my Romans - so not entirely off project!

Great to see lots of wargaming friends old and new, Partizan is always special.  I don't know how the change of ownership is likely to affect the show in future.. maybe back to the Grove Sports Centre in Newark ? (my first ever wargames show.. maybe 1986?)