Monday, 3 February 2014

German reinforcements

A little bit of painting this weekend. Finished off some Napoleonic Prussian Fusiliers and then moved to more recent Teutons.. an MG team for my Bolt Action army. (I'll get around to taking some pics of the Napoleonic army so far at some point)

I started off not particularly liking my German force. Bolt Action is one of the few games I can get my son to play, so I needed to build two armies. The Soviets needed an opponent. However, as I play a few games with them, I guess I'm starting to 'bond' with my little army. (I say little as I always seem to be outnumbered!)

I've had a slight re-shuffle for the 800 point list for our upcoming league games, and thought I'd pick up a sniper and and MMG team to give me some options. (I don't like gimmicky armies and don't like the idea of fielding all veterans with Assault rifles, but I think these two options 'feel' right)

The sniper is a bit of a conversion - a Russian body with German bits added. I'll post a pic next week*.

The Germans so far are a core of Warlord minis, with a Veteran section of mostly Artizan figs. This MMG team was ordered from The Assault Group (TAG) I wasn't familiar with their stuff but I'm impressed. Nice chunky but well proportioned and detailed figures. There were four figures in the pack, I only need 3 for the MMG team, but have painted up the fourth as a 'spare' . I'm sure he'll find a role. All my usual 'arms length' painting.. Block colours and dip. Nothing clever but quite effective.

*The MG team have yet to join their comrades, as they were diverted to fight a small campaign elsewhere (see Tom's Blog here). Hopefully they will meet up in time for a game this week.