Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A bit of a catch up on two recent games.. Seven Years War and Rome vs Seleucid

A brief update on two recent games at the club..Less burble.. more pics.. all on the phone, so apologies for that.. must remember to take the camera along.

A couple of weeks ago, Steve hosted a rather spiffing Seven Years War game using his collection of traditional toy soldiers... it's hard to convey the spectacle of these lovely toys with crappy phone pictures.. but at one point in the battle I did stop and think I felt as thought I'd stepped into the pages of one of those Grant and Featherstone books I used to read in the library as a kid!

We were using the Piquet 'Field of Battle' rules and Steve and I lead the Austrians to an ignominious defeat. (Being a Prussian sympathiser, I was secretly not too disappointed with Greg and Pete's victory!)

Last week Steve and Scrivs had a go at To The Strongest! with Steve's new Pikey army.. being less than pleased with his new army's turnout, I suggested a game against my Republican Romans last night, fully expecting his huge pike blocks to roll over my little maniples.

Things didn't quite work out that way. We had an enjoyable game, Greg joining Steve. As ever, there was a bit of bad luck that had some influence.. the Seleucids struggling to get hits in during the early part of the battle. Tactically, I decided to forgo my instinctive method of trying to maintain some kind of line with my Romans, and went for a chaotic 'get in amongst them' approach.. using my lights to cause as much disruption as possible. 

I had some good luck against the Seleucid cavalry, my Italian allies pretty much taking one flank whilst over on my left, the elites made a right nuisance of themselves, getting around the pikes and scaring off the elephants.

In the end it was a Roman victory. not by a lot.. I was down to half my medals.

postscript - I realised that I had priced my maniples using an older list, so points-wise I had a slight advantage as the units cost 1/2 point more these days! (and give me less victory points too)