Saturday, 21 June 2014

First Hastatii for second legion

Having completed my first legion of Agema Republican Romans, I've made a start on the second. I wanted these to look distinct from the first, but for the 'regulars' to somehow look part of the same army. I'm working on a belief that a limited shared palette is the key here.

I think when I get around to the Latin Alae, these will have a more irregular appearance, even if they share the organisation of the two legions.

Anyway, I took a bit of a punt and decided to have a go at basically swapping the tunic and shield colours from the first legion.. ie these are going to have red tunics and buff shields. 

First unit of Hastatii done today and I like the look of these, I think they'll stand very well next to the first.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

First Legion of Agema Republican Romans

Not updated for a little while, but I have been doing some painting and basing (Also had an unexpected but very entertaining game of 6mm AWI last night)

I've decided to base the Roman infantry units ('Small' Hail Caesar units) on 80mm x 60mm bases, the extra depth just giving a little more wiggle room, whilst hopefully not affecting any aspect of play. The Velites look to be able to operate formed up as Light Infantry, so I've based them on single 20mm round bases, but provided 8 man unit bases too.

This is the first legion, based up and ready (apart from a tidy up of the base edges and a spray of clear matt varnish). The plan is to build a second legion to the same structure (figures already bought from Agema), and then to expand with Latin/Italian Allies.

All the figures are Agema, mostly plastic, with one of their metal 'maniple command' packs added to the Principes. Painting is dead simple.. block colours and army painter strong tone wash. I may go back and highlight here and there.. but overall I'm fairly happy with the slightly grungy look.

The first legion






Friday, 6 June 2014

Dux Bellorum battles

Recently Scrivs and I have played a couple of games of Dux Bellorum. They have been enjoyable affairs, but to be honest, a bit of a test of the rules too.

For me, there are aspects of these rules that I like.. but I end up feeling a little disappointed at the end of a game. Not sure if that's a case of needing to play more and learn the subtleties.. but playing until one unit is left on the table (not always going to happen I know), just feels wrong.

We wondered whether the game would work better with more or less units..

I'm happy with the basing that we've opted for - 120mm unit bases look good.. so not sure what's next.. either tinkering with the game.. or try something else.. Hail Caesar, Impetus..?

Scrivs posted great accounts of the battles on his blog so I won't repeat them here.. just a few pictures...
Scrivs uses these character figures to represent Leadership Points

British general gets stuck in a melee that he never escapes from

the lines clash

Saxons putting pressure on the British general

the sole British survivors about to meet their maker