Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dat Gloria Vites!

"Glory Gives Strength" I honestly don't know whether that is the actual proper Hogg family motto.. but the internet says it is, so it must be true!

I've been waiting for some pending commercial and fancy-shmancy genuine shield transfers to become available .. but that doesn't seem to be happening. I put off tackling anything myself, because I knew that as soon as I did, they would appear in the web-shop, so today I am testing that theory!

Recently I remembered that I had a sheet of transfer paper that I'd bought from eBay some time ago, (turns out that was 'clear'. You can get 'white' transfer paper too).

I put together a graphic of the shield pattern that I wanted and printed off onto my inkjet. The quality of the print is not brilliant, but not bad. A couple of passes of  a matt sealant and these were good to go. 

This afternoon I nervously prepared my desk, cut out and dunked the first transfer, wondering if the ink would lift off the paper. It held just fine and went on to the shield better than some commercial products I have used in the past.

So, despite mis-calculating and not quite printing off enough, I now have my Lion Rampant retinue properly 'badged'.

Once these are really dry, they will get a coat of varnish and then some touching up to blend the transfers in where necessary.

Not up to professional standards, but I have the pleasure of making something myself, and a retinue which now bears my own family crest. Pleased.