Saturday, 5 December 2015

Frostgrave Night

On Tuesday we had our first club Frostgrave night..  we recently decided that perhaps once a  month we'd try to arrange a 'club' game or theme, to get everyone involved and playing together. Frost grave was our first one, and it was great fun!

We actually had two games side by side.. four players on one table (of which I took no photos - sorry!), and on our table Quint and Trev played the halves of a Mog war band sandwich!

I have cobbled together a few war band ideas from the pool of figures, but would really like to 'theme' something a little more. For now, I picked the following little war band..

 Albomorious the Shit Sigilist with his Apprentice, Ulfric the Mule.. supported by Helga, a 'man' at arms, two thieves in the form of Ned and Albert, street urchins taken into Albamorious' care.. a couple of infantrymen to protect the wizard, and a crossbowman. 

Not the best war band, with only six figures, and I hadn't spent all my gold either.. but the game night was about trying out the rules and having fun.

James Strange Tower of magical Oddness drew many smutty remarks

Our table

The three way game was a hoot.. needless to say, my little band got squashed.. for some reason the children drew a lot of fire and being in the middle between the two other bands didn't help.

My crossbowman picks out a target 

Helga about to get trampled by Quint's animated Large Construct

I had one moment of hope which was quickly doused too.. A natural 20 (Critical double damage) rolled by my crossbowman, shooting at Quint's wizard. What did he roll to counter? Yep, a natural 20. (Not entirely clear in the book whether this should have been an automatic hit anyway, but all very dramatic!)

Not Fair!

So, still unsure about the longevity of this game.. but as a fun diversion it's a thumbs up.

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  1. Thanks for the write up- What people seem to be enjoying mostly from the reports I've read/ seen of Frostgrave is the "freedom" to use what ever they want to make a war band. This sounds kinda like a no brainer, but I think that we've all gotten into that "these figs are for this" attitude, and forgotten our college or high school days were you only had a half a dozen guys that you converted or used for everything.

    Love the kids!