Saturday, 18 July 2015

A German affair..

On Tuesday my Prussians took to the field for a game against Quint's Austrians. As this was more of a 'test' than a proper game, we didn't concern ourselves too much with points or strictly accurate formations.. If I remember rightly;

The Austrians 

Cavalry Brigade with two small regiments, one of Dragoons, one tough Cuirassiers
Infantry Brigade with 4 Hungarian battalions and one Grenadier
Infantry Brigade with 2 Grenadier battalions and two 12 per gun batteries

My Prussians were more numerous but lower quality generally..

Cavalry Brigade of Dragoons and Hussars. Both regiments larger than the Austrians
Infantry Brigade with 3 Landwehr battalions, Two line musket and 1 Light (Fusilier), supported by a medium Gun battery
Infantry Brigade with 3 Landwehr Battalions, Two Reserve infantry battalions and a medium gun battery in support

As we were playing on  fairly small table, I struggled to deploy my fat blue line with any room for manoeuvre.. however, I placed my horse out on the left, decided to hold the centre with one Infantry brigade and to push on my right with the other. 

(Only had my phone again, and in poor light, so apologies for crap pictures..)

Early moves, Prussians on the left

The Austrians came on in good order in the centre, taking just about enough fire to keep them at bay, whilst stretched command distances made my right wing very slow to move into position.

The main lines draw closer

Reserves manoevre on the Prussian Right
The Armchairs (!) form a stout line
Some notable events included a heroic cavalry skirmish which saw the Prussians numbers make the difference, and terrifying and devastating fire from the Austrian guns, who expertly manhandled, deployed and loosed a very accurate volley at the Fusiliers, driving them off the field in dismay.

The cavalry about to join
The rules are Quint and Ade's own and mostly use D10s a system of accumulated morale/damage and a simple but very effective way of limiting command ability. There are a couple of areas to tweak and define but they are easy to pick up and give a good game.. the intention being that they give a good Napoleonic game, and not a generic horse and musket war-game. 

Our battle drew to a close before we really reached a proper outcome but our analysis was that it was fairly balanced at that point..

The climax of the action

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