Thursday, 2 July 2015

Fire and Fury in 6mm

Tuesday night's game was a first for me.. the first game of Fire and Fury in around 20 years (I have the rules, bought them new in 1990 but only ever played them through solo once or twice at best)..Scrivs brought his collection of 6mm ACW and had set up a scenario.. being hopelessly ignorant of ACW and blaming the heatwave for my short term memory loss, I can't remember the name of it!

We rolled to randomly allocate sides and I ended up with the US. My job was essentially to effect a fighting retreat. A line of troops started the day in an advanced position but were under orders to retreat to the south of a point on the table, whilst some reserves arrived from the rear, with orders to advance no further than that southerly point. The rebs, meanwhile, were to come on and basically attack!

It was a very enjoyable game, definitely a close run thing, with total VPs at the end of the game giving the Confederates a narrow victory. I was pleased with the performance of my rather reluctant and average boys overall.. just about managed to get back in some order and form a line before becoming overwhelmed by the Reb advance.

The rules were far easier than I remember them being too, which made the game that bit more fun as I wasn't having to spend the whole game learning the stuff.

We were both on phones, so no great pictures, especially with the armies being 6mm, but a couple here..
US guns making a dash for home, being hotly pursued by the Confederate lines

The table from the Confederate end, the Union forces can be seen  forming a line up near the farm

The far left if the Union line, Stahel trying to get his cavalry dismounted

The Rebs breakthrough on the last turn, much whooping and a-hollering no doubt!

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  1. Cheers Martin, it was the Battle of Newmarket.
    I've just updatded the blog, but your pics are much better than mine.