Sunday, 29 September 2013

Painting WW2 Soviets - basic colours

Having assembled and based the Warlord plastic Soviets, they were sprayed with Army Painter Dark Green (see last blog post)

The next step is to 'colour in' - choosing the basic colours required (I go for slightly lighter shades that I want to end up with) and blocking in all the relevant areas as neatly as I can. Yesterday I managed to get this next stage completed for around 20 figures.

At this point they look pretty awful and it's so tempting to get shading and highlighting.. but I have faith that the dip will transform them.

Basically I've used a limited palette of Vallejo Khaki and Coat d'Arms Tan Earth and Roan, along with the undercoat green, as the main uniform colours. These have been applied fairy randomly across the tunics and trousers, but as there are only these 4 main colours, (mostly the first three), there is a sense of uniformity across the units.

Helmets have all been painted Olive, and then all the strapping and equipment given random attention too - mostly using Vallejo Stone Grey and Coat d'arms Wood Brown.

I know the guns shouldn't be shiny - a black or dark gunmetal grey would be more accurate - but using a chainmail to highlight the black undercoated metalwork helps them to stand out.

Next time - the messy bit, slapping on the 'dip' :-)

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