Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bolt Action Russians

I mentioned before that I really quite like the Warlord plastic 28mm WW2 Soviet infantry. I have already painted up a small force, but recently picked up some reinforcements - basically another box. 

It occurred to me to paint these 'online' - show progress on this blog.

This isn't because I want to show off my painting skills.. rather to show how effective some very simple techniques can be. It's certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but I am using the 'Army Painter' methods to paint these. Undercoat, block colours, brushed on 'dip' and matt varnish. really quick. For me it's about getting the figures painted to a good standard and on the table as soon as possible. (I can't play with unpainted figures.. just can't do it!). The figures don't actually look as dark as they do in these pictures. I need to sort out my lighting.

So.. I've already assembled a couple of sections and some extra figures which I intend to use as Artillery observers. I used the Army Painter green spray to undercoat. (I normally use Auto primers or Plasticote and I reckon that the Army Painter sprays are better - certainly seem to cover well and have fast drying times).

Some pictures..
A finished LMG.. and a newly undercoated figure

Army Painter Green undercoat.. they look like 'Army Men'

A Zis3 gun.. made by the Plastic Model Soldier company

Some SMG infantry



Anti Tank Rifle

Anti Tank Rifle 


  1. Good looking figures, espcially the like the basing for the sniper and anti-tank teams.

    Can I suggest you add a 'follow' widget - would make it a lot easier to follow your progress (obviously).


    1. Thanks Matt..and a good point - amended now ;-)

  2. The last two stands are beautiful!