Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New Blog..what's this about?

What's this about?

Having re-connected with my first hobby, it seems only natural to 'blog it' .. I've been keeping webpages and a blog for a few years, focussing on model railways and my pootlings in that field. (Still have plans to build an HO layout.. and a 3mm one.. but that's for Mogtrains)

I was a wargamer. And then I was a person with an interest in wargames, mostly actually playing solo games.. and now I'm a wargamer again. The hobby has changed and moved on since I was last more active.. DBM and 15mm ruled the tables, now it's all 28mm plastic armies and big hardback rulebooks with simple fun mechanics. All good. I've dived right in and been mostly playing Bolt Action , Saga and Black Powder.. more of that later.

I'm not too sure of the purpose of a blog.. whether it's to entertain, educate, record, or just be a good source of incentive for the blogger to do interesting stuff. Maybe it's all of these and more.. or less..

Anyway. I will hopefully be posting fairly regularly. I'm not entirely sure at the moment what direction we'll be going.. but there will be pictures of painted (or not) wargames figures.. battle reports, reviews/thoughts on wargames products, scenery making.. that kind of stuff. Hopefully it will of some interest to someone :-)

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