Friday, 7 November 2014

Lion Rampant.. first unit

At Partizan I picked up the new Osprey ruleset by Daniel Mersey, 'Lion Rampant'. I've been looking forward to these for a while. Although I'm not a huge medieval wargames fan, that's more because I simply haven't played much, and don't know enough about the period, than because of any prejudice.

Many years ago I had a collection of the Foundry 'Barons Wars' figures and had great fun playing solo skirmish games. However, these were sold a while ago.

Whilst at Partizan, I figured that now that I had the rules, I ought to get some figures too, so I made a quick purchase of a box of Fireforge Foot Serjeants and a box of mounted Serjeants. Knowing very little about these I was intrigued to examine them and get them stuck together. I'm a little torn. These are nice figures, lots of character, easy to put together and actually as it turns out, great to paint.. but there's something about the poses that seems a little 'Workshop'. Anyway.. I may end up painting these up and selling them, or maybe they'll grace the table.. who knows.

To start, I've painted a unit of crossbows.. I've decided to stick to a two tone Black and white livery as I have a particular look in mind for my retinue. Obviously bases to do yet. I did consider painting these with a black undercoat and layers, but actually ended up using a wash instead over basecoat and I am quite happy and looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of these.

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