Monday, 27 October 2014

A Dark Age clash

Last Tuesday at the Polly we had another game of To The Strongest! This time we decided to play our 'Arthurian' armies again.. Simon Miller kindly sent over a list for the Sub Roman British and I loosely based my force on this list. I say loosely.. it started out that way but as we were having a four player bash with new converts, we decided on fielding slightly bigger forces and I added a larger command of allied Saxons to my army. 

I really need to carry out some maintenance on this army.. all Gripping Beast.. painted a few years ago and rebased a few times.. quite a few spears and swords to re-attach!

Scrivs has an account of the game on his blog.. along with OOBs.. I also relied upon my phone and didn't get any great photos.. however, hopefully give an impression of the scale of the game.

Simon's rules are proving to be a hit and it's been interesting to try out different angles and feed back our thoughts (for example, on the 'small' manipular Roman units) In this game, the British were a mix or Auxiliaries and Javelinmen, and this seemed to suit their use very well.

There was rash talk of a medieval 'project' following a first viewing of new lists, more of that soon no doubt!

So, poor photos..

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