Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year game

Right, well happy New Year to my three 'followers' ! And anyone else who happens across this site.. I'm hoping to get much more gaming in next year and looking forward to new projects and plans. (Not least the Victrix Republican Roman release).

Our planned family board game afternoon didn't happen today, and the weather rather put me off a trip to Newark to visit the annual Toy Fair (giant swap meet). So, I thought I'd get some toys out on the dining table and have a little solo game.

I've kind of read through Dux Bellorum a couple of times, and worked through a few moves, but haven't really got the game into my head yet, so I thought I'd give that a go.

I played a straight-forward battle without any special rules to confuse myself with.. two 32 point armies, Romano British and Saxon, faced each other across the fields.

(These are all 28mm, mostly Gripping Beast, units based on 120mm frontage, so could have done with a bigger table perhaps)

I have to say that I'm not really any closer to getting my head around the rules. There are some great ideas in the book, such as the use of Leadership Points, but I do find the layout very confusing and spent a lot of time flicking through the pages, trying to clarify things. The multiple combats seem straight forward enough on paper, but I did find myself 'fudging' the odd combat here and there to keep the game moving.

I reckon I may have to play this against a real life person to properly understand it. 

Anyway, the game bogged down in a very Dark Ages toe to toe scrum, the Saxons eventually pulling off a minor victory.

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  1. Do you want a game in the next week or so? Tuesday 14th?