Saturday, 14 December 2013

It's Santaaaaa!!! (Hordes of the Things Christmas armies)

Here's something different. I made these two HOTT armies a couple of years ago. Never really finished the bases and they never got played with either. Some train of thought reminded me that I still had them in a drawer and seeing as it's nearly Christmas, seemed like a good time to fetch them out.

The figures are all made out of FIMO and painted.. they are a little brittle but look nice and bright and fun I reckon. On 40mm bases but I don't know what scale they are!

For HOTT players, the armies are both 24 Army Points:


Santa  - Magician General @ 4AP
Rudolph  - Hero @ 4AP
Elves  - Warband @ 2AP (x3)
Carol Singers  - Shooters @2AP
Christmas Tree - Artillery @3AP
Reindeer  - Flyers @2 AP (2)
Little Pink Fairy  - Lurker @1AP

Jack Frost

Jack Frost  - Magician General @4AP
Snowmen  - Spears @ 2AP (x2)
Snowballing kids  - Shooters @ 2AP (x2)
Trees and Giant Snowballs - Hordes @1AP (x6)
Gingerbread Man  - Sneaker @3AP
Ninja Snowman  - Sneaker @3AP

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