Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Frosty thing..

Set up a bit of a solo game to run through the Frostgrave rules again last night.. I might finish off the game today.. although I do find these days that solo games inevitably get put away before they're finished.

The light is a bit awkward to take pictures so I had a bit of a play..

Albomorious the Sigilist fails to cast a Draining Word spell

Guntard, the Elementalist Apprentice, lurks in the ruins

Ulfric struggles to cast spells and carry all of Albomorious' crap

Helga takes on an imp, assisted by a zombie

Marak the Barbarian and a small construct, advance.. taking a treasure token

Gertrude the Elementalist curses me for not removing the background!

the sounds of battle ring out across the frozen ruins.. or something..


  1. Looks great Mog. I'll have to try and get over to the Polly and give you a game sometime.