Monday, 4 May 2015

Generals and Heroes

If productivity (hobby-wise) comes in peaks and troughs, my wargaming activity of late has been somewhere on the valley's side. Just one of those things, I think, I'm somewhere in between bouts of inspiration. In fairness, I've also been fairly busy lately starting a new day job and cracking on with a model rail project.

Anyway, one little project I managed to get finished off today, is the painting and basing of a selection of generals and heroes for my Republican Roman army.*

*I say 'finished', although of course, seeing cruel close up photos means that there are still some finishing touches to be done! 

Too many chiefs?

I already had a few 1st Corps mounted generals on round 60mm bases, but thought it might be good to have some commanders mounted up on square bases to represent 'Attached' generals when playing To The Strongest! (and use the circular based chaps for 'detached')

The foot command figures here are Aventine, and despite my worst efforts to paint them, I think they are bloody lovely figures, full of character. I selected figures that look to be attired in a slightly more exotic 'Allied' look.


1st Corps figs

Aventine Heroes

I've done some Aventine Roman and Allied cavalry too, so I ought to post some pictures of them next!


  1. Nicely done, I still have a load of stuff to rebase.

    Nice idea on the attached/detached generals being on different bases.

    Simon sent us some markers at Salute, I'll bring them along tomorrow evening.

  2. They look very jolly.
    What colours have you used for the bases?

  3. Cheers chaps. Tom - Following James and Scrivs lead, I use a Yellow Ochre basecoat on top of Vallejo pumice gel texture - with some patches of brown Woodland Scenics fine ballast. Dry brush the lot quite generously with Vallejo Buff.. apply green bits etc. The stones are from a massive bag that SWMBO picked up at a petshop, thinking it would be useful for me! (for fishtanks I think)