Saturday, 7 February 2015

A Roman camp

At the back of my mind as I've been putting my Roman army together, has been the need to provide some baggage, or  camp. We haven't used these in our games at all yet, but perhaps ought to. On a practical note - it's a good place to keep your spare ammo chits and perhaps victory medals for To The Stongest!

I thought I'd start with a single camp 'unit' which in TtS! is  a 'deep' unit. I knew that I would want to fortify this (we are Romans after all!), so decided to combine the camp base with three sides of fortifications. I had considered building the two parts separately, but figured this would be more practical and I can always make up some more field fortification pieces later. The base, therefore, was a piece of hardboard cut to size - 180 x 150mm. This will fit fairly neatly onto the 150mm grid we use.

In best bodgy blue peter style, I took a sharp knife and glue to some foamboard, a load of cocktail sticks, applied wood filler and paints and finished up with this. The groundwork is painted up to blend with the arid look on the rest of the army.

I think field fortifications cost 2 points per grid edge, rather than per square, in which case this would cost 6 points, plus the 1 point for the camp.

it does remind me of a DBA camp element.. in fact I'm sure I have one just like this in 15mm somewhere!


  1. Very nice Martin! Yes you are right about the points (although I'm considering reducing them to 1 in the next edition).

    I found myself using an army, today, with no less than 3 baggage markers. This gave my army 3 victory medals for the camps, alone, which is a big advantage when games often come down to a single medal victory margin. Muwhaha....

  2. cheers Simon. Not tried using fortifications yet. My initial thought was that they seemed a little pricey - but maybe they are worth the points? We'll find out!

  3. Hi Martin, I don't reckon they are currently worthwhile, unless is it a large camp. I am planning to drop the price of the fortifications to 1 point in the next release.

  4. Looking splendid. Mine were cleaned up before I went to Iceland, but nothing further.