Saturday, 21 June 2014

First Hastatii for second legion

Having completed my first legion of Agema Republican Romans, I've made a start on the second. I wanted these to look distinct from the first, but for the 'regulars' to somehow look part of the same army. I'm working on a belief that a limited shared palette is the key here.

I think when I get around to the Latin Alae, these will have a more irregular appearance, even if they share the organisation of the two legions.

Anyway, I took a bit of a punt and decided to have a go at basically swapping the tunic and shield colours from the first legion.. ie these are going to have red tunics and buff shields. 

First unit of Hastatii done today and I like the look of these, I think they'll stand very well next to the first.


  1. Great stuff, I bought some of these at Triples and this is the first I have seen of them painted, nice work

    1. Thanks Ken.. really simple paint job, it's all in the wash, brings out details in the figures I hadn't really appreciated. Get yours painted and share! :-)