Thursday, 3 April 2014


Finished off the Puma for the German Bolt Action force this evening.

This is the resin and whitemetal Warlord  kit. I might add a little camo netting or shrubbery but for now it's ready to roll.. I know the pedants may criticise the camo or markings, as I am no expert, but it struck me how much variation there seemed to be when I was looking for source pictures.

It actually had it's first outing in a game against Scrivs on Tuesday, in a half painted state. The crew were clearly unimpressed with their ride and rolled 1's all night. Hopefully now they will be inspired to greater deeds. 

(I only got some slightly crap phone pics so not sure if they are worth posting)

We generally play with around 800 points and usually there isn't any armour on the table, however, I thought I'd try swapping my Artillery Foo (very expensive!) and mortar team for the Puma. Too early to say if it's a wise option. Anyway - I like it :-)

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