Sunday, 22 May 2022


Thoroughly enjoyed donning the Midgard T shirt and joining James and the chums to put on the Battle of Degsastan -  Saxons of Northumbria taking on some unruly Dal Riada celtic types.. (see here for James'  pre-game brief).

Partizan was great- it seemed very busy and was loud and warm all day.. I only managed until lunch time anyway, having had a rather long couple of days scooting to Cornwall and back..

The game drew a lot of interest and I spent most of the morning talking to visitors about the rules, the figures and the battle.. James won the 'best demo game' (again?!) , so it must have gone down well!

Had a moment today where I stopped and looked around and was truly grateful for being able to enjoy the hobby like this. We almost take for granted being able to play such great games and I imagined young teenage me, counting my pennies to buy half a dozen 15mm minis from Tabletop Games, seeing pictures of the games I've taken part in and posted on this blog in recent years.. Partizan was absolutely buzzing today and honestly no sign that this hobby is 'dying', not anytime soon anyway!

Pooped, so enough words for now.. some pictures, along with a number of some of the games on display.. as ever, only a small sample of what was on offer..

Morris and Chums - Battle of Degsastan

Today's crew before battle commenced

There was a lot of interest from visitors

figures pooled from our joint collections, we think around 1,000 ?

Battle is joined!

The Saxons sacrifice predicted an inauspicious day, it was not to be..

The Dal Riadan army prepares to meet the Northumbrians

Final checks before the doors opened

Perry Miniatures - Battle of Dorking 1870

No apologies, they were next door and always put on a gorgeous game..

Steve Jones - Freemans Farm AWI

Also next door, Steve is also guaranteed to always put on a gorgeous game..

Steve and Henry Hyde sharing a chuckle over his new book?

Some other games

There were so many more that I missed or didn't get good photos of..

Anschluss Wargames 12mm Sicily, looked great!

Absolutely stunning table

Simon Miller's Roundway Down.. on quite a slope

Lovely ACW Riverine.. all scratch-built models, very impressive

Modern wargaming is a broad church...

Barry Hilton's beautiful naval game, very hard to photograph

Nick (Toofatlardies) and his perfect dutch houses

Like a Stonewall group playing Hougoumont

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Bloody Lane! ACW action in 28mm

ACW is one of those periods that has kind of passed me by really. I can see the appeal of wargaming the conflict, but for whatever reason, it's not something I've really tried. Probably partly to do with a long-standing hankering to 'do' something more European for that period - 1866 Germany etc.

Anyway - yesterday I was invited to join Scrivs over at his house to play 'Bloody Lane', which I learned was an element of the battle of Antietam. We were using his extensive ACW collection, with Scrivs and I leading the Union forces in an attempt to dislodge the Confederates, commanded by Nick (NorthStar) from said lane. (I believe some of the commanders were Nicks figures too).

We were using 'Picketts Charge' rules which I wasn't familiar with, but with suitable coaching from Scrivs, were pretty intuitive to pick up. (They are mechanically quite similar to the 'General d'Armee' Napoleonic rules we used before)

The Union forces really struggled to get going this day.. Nick winning and retaining the initiative for much of the game and even starting to push out on to our right flank, as we struggled to co-ordinate our brigades. Eventually Scrivs Irish brigade broke onto the lane, and I had some success in the centre, but it was to be in vain, as the Rebs forced the issue at bayonet point, winning the lane and the day.

I took rather a lot of photos!

The lines of Union advance (The Rebs later pushed along the lane on the bottom of this picture)

Union forces advance

Rebel lines

a view along the Reb defensive line

Union brigades crest the hill above the lane

Nick moves sharpshooters out to slow the blue advance

Confederate flankers!

a view from behind Confederate lines